How to Survive Summer


Florida summer is upon us and this means RAIN. And lots of it. Every afternoon, almost never fail in the months of June, July and August in Florida it rains. Usually after you’ve already done your Blowdry. 

Your hair will look and feel amazing then the inevitable rainstorm leaves you looking like a wet rat.

Whether you normally air dry or not, sometimes you just need a backup emergency plan. 

Here are some of my Hairstylist Tips that anyone can do after a Florida monsoon or just a sweaty hot yoga class:

•Scrunching– Gently finger squeeze hair from roots to the ends to remove as much moisture as possible from hair. If you have one available, a microfiber towel will also help absorb some of the excess water.

•Leave-in Conditioner- Once all excess water has been removed apply a leave-in to help water slide off and speed up drying.

•Rough Dry – Power dry your hair moving the dryer back and forth, combing hair with your fingers, directing the dryer’s air flow up towards the roots.

•Finish Dry – Once hair has been power dried 80%, use a brush or fingers to divide hair into sections. 

Quickly polish hair by using a round brush to hold hair at the ends, turning them under and directing air flow from the roots down to the ends.

•Polish– After finishing the Blowdry, apply a drop or two of shine spray or serum to the palms of your hands and massage together.

Lightly finger pick hair through entire head to seal it from moisture and humidity.

If your hair is naturally textured with waves or curls, you can either scrunch hair while power drying and skip the finishing step or use a diffuser to disperse the air flow. 

If all else fails, after the quick blow dry, pull hair into a messy bun, ponytail or braid.  At least your hair will look sleek and in short order.

So throughout this rainy Florida summer make sure you take into consideration your own hair type, texture, length and condition. That’s why the most important thing to remember with any hair care tips is  to do what is best for your own unique needs while making sure to have fun!


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